Chocolate Faux Leather Sleep Well Bed

$ 108.00

Brand Picture Perfect Pup

This is a durable faux leather that softens over time. This particular fabric is easy to wipe clean and hair won’t stick to it. Another great feature about the Fudge fabric is that it remains cool on those hot days. All our beds are hand made in the USA and taken through a rigorous inspection. Machine wash! All the inserts can be removed  – locate the zippers that are sewn inside the edges of the bed and remove the inserts (we don’t recommend washing the actual inserts). Wash the outer body on delicate and tumble dry on low. Our hand crafted  inserts are filled with Sustainafill®, which is an eco-friendly product that is composed of recycled plastic bottles.

This is a scratch proof and slobbery proof. The faux leather is extremely comfortable and durable. Simply clean by wiping down with a warm towel. Great for dogs with short hair. Machine wash and tumble dry low