We were lucky enough to have dogs that really enjoyed having their pictures taken! Even if you have a dog that isn’t a super model, there are still some simple things that you can do to get great pictures of your pup!

1. Make sure your dog is in a comfortable environment. Your backyard or your home is more than likely the easiest place to get great pictures of your dog. It’s where they feel the most relaxed! Some of the best pictures I took of Khloe and Kari' were in our backyard.



2. Get down on their level. I spent most of my time photographing Khloe and Kari' laying on the ground! It’s great to get down to their level instead of looking down on them (I have taken some really cute pictures looking down on a dog, but the BEST pictures are when I have been down on the grass at their level.)

3. Focus on the eyes. I have always believed that the eyes show the true spirit of a dog.

4. Use treats and talk in a happy voice! It’s always good to have an assistant! I used to use a squeaker to get the adorable head tilt when I did photo sessions, but I always had my hubby on hand to help me out. Handling a camera, treats and a squeaker is hard work!

5. Have fun and take LOTS of pictures! If you want to get a great shot, plan on taking lots and lots of pictures! Set your camera up so it will take consecutive pictures (action shots) and take as many as you can. You never know when you are going to get the shot you have been waiting for. Just keep shooting!

September 09, 2014 by Quad Webb-Lunceford
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